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Annual Mosow Washbasins' Racing

Rules and Regulations

1. Racing Devices

A traditional washbowl (washbasin) is the most welcome technical device to participate in the contest. It could possibly be made of plastic, enameled or zinked, it could be even cast-iron. Participants using bathtubs, washtubs and large pans are also allowed to take part in the competition. We decided to enlarge the techno-park of our transport devices by including the latter objects in order to attract more participants, so that one could take any device that is at elbow and to come to compete.

2. Tuning

Any kind of tuning is permitted to make our racing more spectacular and to allow the participants to demonstrate their creative- and inventory thinking. Adjusting sledge-runners, ejection boosters and fenders, overlaying the washbasin bottom by plastic sheet and varnish is not prohibited. Any types of engines are permitted to install provided that they operate by participant's muscular efforts only. Your imagination is the only limit to your tuning - just don't get hurt.

We'd like to highlight once again that any kind of modernization, tuning, decoration of your racing device is appreciated. There is even a nomination of "The most ingenious, funny or unusual racing device". The more efforts a participant takes to improve his technical device the more chances he has to show up and attract general attention. On the other hand, a participant can compete using a traditional washbasin and win. The conclusion is that tuning is not obligatory but welcome.

3. Runs

There are three participants competing each other in the run, they start a way down by the command word: "Start!" The competing participants are invited to the start line by calling their ordinal numbers which are assigned to each participant just before the contest at the registration. Should any participant be absent at that moment, can't hear his number or simply not remember it, his name will be moved at the end of the list and he will be re-invited later. Any other participant, who is ready to race, takes his place.

4. Racing

There are no qualification rounds to prevent racing devices go to pieces before the main contest begins. All the registered participants are invited to the start line in packs of three. Their running time is recorded in the time sheet (no kidding:). Then the second round is announced and all those who feel like improving their results are invited to the start line for a second try. The best time of both attempts is taken into consideration. The contest is organized on the principle of "the weakest one is out" and only the participants, who demonstrated the best time, compete for the championship in the final round.

5. Start, speed up, moving

At the start a participant can take any position which is most comfortable for him. One can sit, lie or even stand up if he is not afraid of loosing the balance. It is permitted to speed up before the start line, the most important thing is that one must not cross it prior to the respective command word. While moving at the route one can help himself with his legs, hands, oars and anything he can think of. If there is no false start one can speed up along the whole route but without any external help.

6. Running along the route

To run on foot along the route is permitted only in case the further moving on washbasin is not possible. You can run also if you have lost your washbasin and you need to catch it.

7. Finish

There are two conditions on which your result will be recorded. Firstly, you must cross the finish line with your washbasin (or other your registered device). Secondly, the length of way which you traveled without your device (ran on foot, flied, slid on your knees or more suitable parts of body) must not exceed one fourth of the whole length of the route (exceptions are subject to Point 6, see above)

8. Wreckage of the racing device

If your racing device go to pieces and it is impossible to move on it any further you should cross the finish line holding the largest remaining piece of it. You can run, fly, turn somersaults or even crawl looking around thievishly. To destroy your racing device on purpose and then to run on foot carrying it in hands - is prohibited.

9. Property rights

If your racing device goes to pieces or you consider it to be not speedy enough you may ask to lend you somebody's device. It is permitted to use someone else's washbasin. Although it doesn't guarantee that someone will lend you his washbasin (it's very personal, you know).

10. Winners

There are three nominations in which winners are chosen "The best time", "The most ingenious, funny or unusual racing device", "The most ingenious, funny or unusual outfit". Registered participants only are allowed to take part and win. In "The best time" nomination the winner is chosen by the result, recorded with the stopwatch (the best result out of two rounds). In "The most ingenious, funny or unusual racing device" and "The most ingenious, funny or unusual outfit" nominations the winner is chosen by general voting of all the registered participants.

* In "The most ingenious, funny or unusual racing device" nomination fragments, fractions and other bits and pieces are not permitted.

11. It is strongly prohibited:

- to use any other devices except for the objects described in Point 1;

- to use washbasins or other devices which constitute a potential threat (for instance devices with sharp edges, too heavy objects and so on);

- to leave garbage or fragments of washbasins;

- to hinder other participants during the contest;

- to use powder and other dangerous for health accelerators;

- to swear loudly and yell obscene words;

- to be under the influence of alcohol (or any other substance).

12. Disputes and disagreements

In case any dispute or disagreement rises (though it is hardly possible) the final decision is taken by general voting of all registered participants.

Since Contest 2004-05, our competition has become open and everybody interested is invited to participate.

Since Contest 2005-06, the participants can use only their muscular efforts in order to speed up. So it is prohibited now to use internal combustion engines or to ask someone to push your device.


  • To participate in the contests it is necessary to get registered at this page and to receive your ordinal number.

  • Participants who are waiting for their turn, spectators and others should not mess up and interfere with the racing.

  • Everybody is allowed to take part in the whole event irrespective of their racing device, still only participants with washbowls are permitted to compete during the runs and win. (See "Rules and Regulations", point #1).

  • In case your racing device is destroyed you should take its wreckage away from the track to a special place.

    You are welcome to register provided you
    have read, understood and taken into
    consideretion "Rules and Regulations"
    of the racing.

    Registration Form

    The contest is scheduled on February 24, 2007, Saturday, at Krylatskie Kholmy (Moscow). Beginning is at 12 o'clock.

    Have warm clothes and high boots on, and don't be late.

    (: (There is no "qualifications" or technical control. Anybody
    can register and participate irrespective of his/her
    experience or other terms).
    First name and last name ( * ):
    Your e-mail ( * ):
    Your cell-phone number ( * ):
    Racing device ( * ):
    Your web-site:
    Fancy dress (yes/no) ( * ):
    Character, if there is a fancy dress:
    * positions marked by an asterisk are obligatory to fill in.


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